Natural Lapis Lazuli Necklace : A 4cm x1.8cm(1 5/8" x 6/8") dedicate pendent, which is natural and formed, rich in trace elements and minerals and Essential Oil Fragrance 100% Natural.

Serenidad 5ml Oil Perfume Lapis Lazuli Necklace 3ml

  • Natural Lapis Lazuli Necklace : A 4cm x1.8cm(1 5/8" x 6/8") dedicate pendent, which is natural and formed, rich in trace elements and minerals.

    • Unique Design Necklace : Hand Made
    • Better Stone Necklacer: Great way to use your favorite essential oil or perfume.
    • Best as a Gift : Is considered The lucky Stone which empowers your thought and protects from psychic and spiritual attacks. Protective but helps make your dreams a reality a good spiritual growth, also gives you strength of mind to rise above challenges of work and life in general. Enhances your creativity and concentration and makes you avoid confusion and helps things make more sense, for some people helps with headaches, aids in peaceful sleep. In the ancient times they believe that wearing this stone brought energies of wisdom, love and emotional healing also hope that everything would work out in a good end.
    • Enjoy Aromatherapy: Best way to wear for any occasion. You may now wear your necklace anywhere and take advantage the perfume oils based.


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