Lava Rock Necklace Stainless Steel Gold Plated Black Drop 43cm(16 7/8") long.

Gota . Black

  • Necklace Gold Plated Black Drop Natural Lava 4-3.1cm AA+ 43cm(16 7/8") long

    • 100% Natural Anxiety Lava Necklace : A 4-3.1cm delicate lava bead pendent, which is natural and formed after volcanic eruption, rich in trace elements and minerals.
    • Unique Design Lava Bead Necklace with Stainless Steel & Lava Rock.
    • How to use: Lava stones are porous and have craters all over them. So they are able to absorb the essential oils very well. Roll the oil on a few lava beads or wood beads, on your favorite diffuser jewelry throughout the day.
    • Best Gift : Lava symbolizes rebirth, and aid in releasing emotional baggage is a great gift both suitable for your love one.
    • Overall Length: 49cm(19 2/8") Extender Chain Size: 6cm(2 3/8") Lava Rock size: 4cm x3.1cm(1 5/8" x1 2/8") These items are made of natural gemstone, so the color , weight, shape and size of them will be different.