Ylang Ylang, an essential oil to calm

Lavender is very well known to help us calm and relax, however there are others as Ylang ylang, a beautiful flower used to make essential oil, its color is yellow and we can appreciate a star-shaped. This flower grows on the Cananga tree (Cananga odorata) and is a tropical specie native to countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, such as India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and parts of Australia. the escent is aromatic, fruity, flowery, and rich.

Can Lavender & Ylang Ylang work together?

Yes of course, at the industry you will find Ylang ylang & lavender mix to help calm and low the stress in this complicated times, also if you want want to enjoy a profound fragrance, can be added neroli to the formula to give you serenity when you apply it. (carrier: oil coconut). Tip: Never apply pure essential oil at your skin is recommended mix few drops into the carrier oil.

Some good books to read

  • Woelk, H. and Schläfke, S. (2010) A multi-center, double-blind, randomised study of the Lavender oil preparation Silexan in comparison to Lorazepam for generalized anxiety disorder.

  • Buchbauer, G., Jirovetz, L., Jager, W., Plank, C. and Dietrich, H. (1993) Fragrance compounds and essential oils with sedative effects upon inhalation.

  • Cassella, S., Cassella, J.P. and Smith, I. (2002) Synergistic antifungal activity of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oils against dermatophyte infection.

  • Hongratanaworakit, T. and Buchbauer, G. (2004) Evaluation of the harmonizing effect of ylang ylang on humans after inhalation.

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