Campanilla has long been worn by pregnant women of some cultures

There is a tiny ball inside the bola that produces a soft, delicate tinkling. The cute sound of the chime –inside the bola- is heard by the baby from the 20th week of pregnancy. The bola has to be worn frequently so the baby gets familiar with the sound which will calm and reassure. After giving birth, this sound will reassure and calm him/her. The maternity bola is a jewel tinged with symbolism and affection.

Approx:3cm x1.6cm(1 1/8" x 5/8") Hole size: 10.2mm x6.6mm( 3/8" x 2/8")

Thickness: 16mm( 5/8") Chain 60cm. 

Guaranteed 100% nickel-free

A sweet sound from a small chime can be heard by the baby from the 20th week of pregnancy.

The sound a Baby Bola charm helps to create a connection with your child to be.


It has been since ancient times